Small Order & Bulk Water Delivery

Never run out of your favorite bottled water again with a subscription to XENI Water. With regular deliveries and any-time cancellations, you can enjoy delicious pH-balanced water without having to worry about making frequent trips to the store or the hassle of lugging heavy cases around. With customizable plans to suit your needs, our water subscription service is a cost-effective way to access quality hydration with the added benefit of a sleek, future-forward bottle design. 

How it Works!

XENI Water offers three different Subscribe & Save plans that are designed to fit your needs and save you both time and money.

A 7-day Subscription saves you 25% on each recurring order with delivery each week

A 14-day Subscription saves you 15% on each recurring order with delivery every 2 weeks

A 30-day Subscription saves you 10% on each recurring order with delivery monthly

Once you've chosen your preferred product, just click 'Subscribe Now And Save,' set your delivery frequency, and wait for healthy, hydrating pH-balanced water to arrive at your door.



Commitment to Our Customers

At XENI Water, we know how important it is to have access to fresh, healthy hydration and we’re proud to provide that for you at an affordable price. Our team of experts conducts rigorous testing on every bottle to ensure its quality and purity prior to delivery. Furthermore, our products are packaged in our patented bottles, which are not only easy to grip but also robust and rigid, withstanding transportation. These bottles are made with 100% recyclable materials, fulfilling our commitment to sustainability. So, if you are looking for “bulk water delivery near me”, experience the difference of XENI Water! Subscribe today and be on your way to hassle-free health and hydration.