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Our XENI Gold and XENI Silver bottled waters are the best healthy water options for those looking for great-tasting, naturally alkaline, and nutrient-rich water. Our bottled waters are pH-balanced for optimal health and hydration. We believe that our products are the best healthy bottled water options for those looking to improve their overall health. Our pH-balanced Water contains more than 80 trace elements and electrolytes that provide essential health benefits. Our bubble water is naturally alkaline, helping to reduce metabolic acidosis as well as aiding in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

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XENI Alkaline Waters Contain Electrolytes And Minerals

Our XENI Gold XENI Silver bottled waters have the perfect combination of electrolytes and minerals that help you stay hydrated without adding any unwanted calories. The electrolytes in our water help to keep you hydrated, while the minerals provide essential nutrients that your body needs.

Our Unique XENI Water Bottle

Why conical bottles, why not the usual square or round bottles?

The futuristic conical, premium finish engineered bottle has a robust and rigid design to give you easy gripping regardless of your age or hand size. The shape of the conical bottle helps with ease of pouring the water into your mouth, and making it easy to consume by equalizing airflow.

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Infusion Energy Drinks Coming Soon

Infusion energy drinks are a unique and flavorful way to boost your energy levels. They are naturally carbonated and infused with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. This unique beverage is made by infusing water with natural fruit flavors, resulting in a subtly sweet and flavorful drink. Infusions come in a variety of flavors such as fruit punch, grape and apple. Bubble Sip's Infusion energy drinks are a great way to stay alert and energized, without the negative effects often associated with traditional energy drinks.

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