What Are the Health Benefits of pH-Balanced Water?

Is pH-balanced water good for you? pH-balanced water is known for having a smooth, rich taste thanks to the fact that it is alkaline and contains a high amount of electrolytes. But, did you know that pH water can help provide health benefits? From assisting with digestion to improving oxygen levels, the benefits of pH-balanced water are numerous. If you’re wondering is pH-balanced water is good for you, read on to learn how pH-balanced water can positively affect your health.

What is pH-balanced water?

There are three different types of water: acidic, neutral, and alkaline, and each have a different pH level. These levels not only affect the taste of the water but can determine if it is beneficial to your health. For example, acidic water has a low pH level and can have a sour or tangy taste, while alkaline water has a high pH level and is known for having a complex taste due to the minerals it contains. Most bottled water is neutral, which falls in between acidic and alkaline water on the pH scale. 

pH-balanced water is more alkaline than acidic and has a high (but not too high) pH level. 

Many people choose to drink pH-balanced water because of its taste. But, they may not know that pH water is said to have several health benefits for those who drink it.

What are the health benefits of pH-balanced water?

The idea behind pH-balanced water being beneficial for your health is simple - we live in a world where we eat unhealthy food, have hectic schedules, live in unnatural environments, and have a lack of time to dedicate to taking care of ourselves and our health. All of these factors can negatively affect our body’s natural pH levels. Drinking pH-balanced water has the potential to help us positively change these levels in our body, returning things to the way they should be and letting us reap the resulting benefits. But, what are those benefits?

Improved Digestion

Our stomachs are naturally very acidic, thanks to the powerful acid in our stomachs that break down our food. So, it can be easy for our stomachs to become too acidic and create too much stomach acid. This can lead to digestive problems such as acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 

The good news for those suffering from acid reflux is that pH-balanced water can help ease your symptoms, thanks to its high pH levels. High pH levels are known to help kill an enzyme called pepsin that can cause acid reflux, leading to less pain and fewer symptoms.

Improved Blood Flow and Oxygen Levels

Another benefit of pH-balanced water is that it can assist in improving blood flow and oxygen levels in your body. This is because it decreases blood viscosity. Blood viscosity affects how well the blood flows in your blood vessels. Better blood viscosity leads to higher oxygen levels, thanks to the fact that your body is more effectively able to deliver oxygen if your blood is flowing better.


Another one of the many benefits of pH-balanced water is that it is high in electrolytes that help improve hydration. Proper hydration is essential for your well-being, so intentionally selecting water that is designed to help increase your hydration levels can not only leave you feeling refreshed but also help improve your health.

Is pH-balanced water good for you?

In addition to its smooth taste, there are several health benefits of pH-balanced water. It can improve your digestion, aid with hydration, and help increase your body’s blood flow. If you’re looking for the best pH-balanced water to help improve the way you feel, look no further than Xeni Water. Our water has the perfect pH level, an unbeatable taste, and is designed with your health in mind. If you want to learn more about how our pH-balanced water can help you, contact us today.

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